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American Roulette Strategy

Most people will think of gambling as a form of recreation and an outlet to get their mind off a few difficult days. Gambling is a profitable activity in which profit is manifested only to those who have access to it.

When I was 14 years old my parents took me on a 2 day cruise, it was great; my dad spent all the time looking a little green while my mom introduced me to the magic of the onboard casino – it was the start of my love affair with roulette. Ten years later, I still love the roulette wheel, the traction and excitement has not yet wandered. In that ten year run, however, I have noticed a number of strategies that people tend to play with – personally I think they are taking the fun out of the game, but hey, everyone has a right to know what their options are, right?

The most commonly used roulette strategy is known as the Martingale.

This strategy is based on the theory that a losing streak doesn’t last long, therefore if you keep betting on one of the two equal chance options (eg black or red / odds or even) it won’t be long until you win. Now, the way you can actually make money for this is by doubling your bet each time you don’t win. Confused? Do not be like that! If I bet $ 5 on red and it appears black, then I have lost $ 5, but the next round I bet $ 10 on red – oops appear black again, now I have lost a total of $ 15. Never mind, I stick with the Martingale theory, I doubled my bet on the same selection and so I put $ 20 on red. Hallelujah, it’s red! I won $ 40. Does it work? Yes, I bet $ 5 + $ 10 + $ 20 = $ 35; I made $ 5 profit. Does it make sense?

After you grapple with the Martingale, the next strategy for you to deal with is the Uber Martingale, actually better known as the Grand Martingale. This strategy works the same way as the regular Martingale, except that with the Grand Martingale you are doubling your stake and you are adding one of your original bets. So, after your first $ 5 loss you multiply it to $ 10, but you also add one, which is another $ 5, so your second bet is $ 15.If that one doesn’t come for you, you double $ 15 and add one, which is $. 5 to make your third bet $ 35, and so on. This increases your profit margin when you win.

The Best and Worst Roulette Strategies

The truth is that I’ve seen people win big with this strategy; they are very logical and do the job. However, I’ve also seen people lose a lot to them because they didn’t plan properly; Low limit tables can cause problems when playing the Martingale strategy as they increase the chances of reaching the limit before you win. So if you’re going to play this strategy, play at a high limit table, and always start your stakes low.

This is not the only roulette strategy used, but it is the most common. Personally, I find all the strategies to be a little tedious, except for mine namely – favorite numbers, birthdays and following the gut; frankly you can’t beat it.

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